October 20th
The Day Your IRA/401(k) Dies
September 10th, 2015

October 20th, 2015. That date might not mean much to you now, but it will. In two short months the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is expected to meet and announce that it intends to replace the U.S. Dollar as the default reserve currency.

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What’s that mean for Americans with retirement accounts? It means if your IRA or 401(k) is invested entirely in dollar based assets like stocks and bonds (which it most likely is), you could be headed for financial disaster.

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Once the IMF makes their announcement, billions and quite possibly trillions of U.S. Dollars will be shifted, essentially overnight wreaking havoc on your retirement account.

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Should you be worried? Definitely! Should you be prepared? Absolutely!

But by using 1 simple & legal IRS Loophole you can protect your retirement dollars by adding physical assets like gold & silver to your retirement account.

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